Compact measuring station for water quality

The compact measuring station for water quality is a combination of measuring probes with an automatic water sampler. The compact measuring station is equipped with a data logger and includes remote data transmission. The water sampler and data loggers are installed in a field cabinet and thus robustly housed. Sampling can be triggered automatically or by time.

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  • event-oriented sampling
  • Monitoring of chemical parameter
  • Integrated data logging technology
  • long-distance data transmission technology
  • SENSOdive or MSM-S2 multi sensor modul
  • automated sampling, for example with 24 samples each with 1 Liter
Field case
Dimensions  140 cm x 85 cm x 145 cm
Material Steel with isolation
Type Lockable


Automatic sampler
Bottles                                                         24 x 1 litre suction
Sampling system Vacuum system; suction head up to 6.5 m at 1.013 hPa air pressure
Sampling method Time-controlled and/or alarm triggered


Option 1                          SENSOdive – specifications: see page 03
Option 2 MSM-S2 – specifications: see page 07


Data logger


LogTrans-digi-GPRS  - specification see pages 16 ... 17
Power supply Accumulator 12V/60 Ah
Solar power supply Option


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