The camera sets a benchmark for functionality, robustness, power consumption and data transmission technology. The system records single images and can be combined with further sensors (e.g. water level sensors).

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Camera / data logger:

  • Camera 640 x 480 pixels, JPEG, opening angle 60°, image size approx. 50 kB
  • Camera: degree of protection IP 67, diameter: 75 mm, length: 120 mm
  • Data logger LogTrans

Operating modes:

  • Basic mode: timed image recording
  • Additional event-controlled image recording by a sensor connected to the data logger; e.g. water level


  • System with low power consumption and integrated
    accumulator, suitable for outdoor use
  • Additional sensors connectable
  • Time and/or event triggered recording of images
  • Extremely compact system
Camera 640x480 pixel; JPEG colour camera ; image size approx. 50kB
Interface RS 232 – fits for LogTrans 6 communication
Dimension Diameter: 75 mm; Length: 120 mm
Protection degree IP 67, water resistant
Power supply 5-13 VDC; camera switched on/off by data logger
Operation modes Basis mode: time triggered image recording
Additional mode 1: overlaid event triggered image recording by a sensor
attached at the data logger; e.g. water level
Additional mode 2: overlaid event triggered image recording by a switching contact; e.g. motion sensor
  Data logger LogTrans 6 - GPRS
Dimension / housing 330x230x115 mm/ aluminum injection molding
Analogue inputs 3 analogue inputs single ended for connecting sensors
Counter inputs 1 counter input; typical application; recording of precipitation
Event input Normal open contact for spontaneous release of a image recording - also
from the sleep mode of data logger
Additional data links RS 485 for external probes with RS 485 UIT-Bus (e.g. MSM-S2)
Memory 512 MB for data and 512 MB for images
Power supply Accumulator 12 V/6,5 Ah
Power consumption camera + data logger incl. modem
Standby current < 0,1mA; image recording 100mA, time 25 sec per image;
plus energy required for data transmission
Wireless data transfer Integrated GPRS-modem (Quad-Band)
Interfaces USB for readout of data and configuration of data logger
Configuration by operating software SENSOlog
  Wireless data transfer
FTP-Server for images (data if required) or WEB-Server with SENSOweb

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