Mobile Temperature Lance

The mobile temperature lance can be installed in water sediments and finally measure the temperature at several horizons with high precision. It is suitable for application in the hyporeic zone.

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Fields of application / features

  • Acquisition of interaction between surface water and ground water
  • Mobile T-Lance to temperature measurement in various horizons in water sediment
  • 8-channel-temperature lance with assembly equipment and data logger


  • Mobile application
  • Multimeter mode to measure various current temperatures with one lance
  • Highly accurate temperature measurement
  • Data logger with wireless operation available
  Mobile Temperature lance
Dimensions length: 105 cm; diameter: 30 mm
Position of temperature sensors in mm
Seen from the tip: 95, 295, 395, 445, 475, 495, 645, 695
Assembly equipment Piling leverage, cladding tube, pile driver, hammer head
Materials with media contact
Stainless steel, PA, NBR, EPDM
Degree of protection Water tight IP 68 with not submersed plug
Temperature sensors  
Measuring range -20°C…+50°C; resolution 0,04°C
Accuracy Typical accuracy +/- 0,1°C
Patent Registered design
  Data logger LogTrans
Data logger type
LogTrans 6 – see separate data sheet data logger
Memory 512 MB
Power supply 4 C cells R14 assembled in data logger
Scanning time 10s to 24h
Interfaces RS 232 to read out data and configuration
Configuration With operating software SENSOlog or SENSOmobil
  Option: operation unit suitable for field use
  An optional PDA suitable for field use is available.
Casing Casing material: impact proof plastic
Dimensions 16,5 cm x 9,5 cm x 4,5 cm (H x B x T)
Memory 256 MB Compact Flash
Operating system Mircrosoft CE.NET 6.0 or later version
Display 95,5 mm, ¼ VGA 320 x 240 Pixel LCD Color
Power supply 3.800 mAh NiMH accumulator
Interfaces Serial RS 232 Port, USB
Degree of protection IP 67
Options Table holder, tote bag

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