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Groundwater Monitoring of the „Autobahndreieck Erlenbruch“

Between 2013 and 2017, the UIT installed a measurement system of 50 measuring points around the building site of the large Autobahn-Project “Lückenschluss A661-A66 – Kreuzungsbauwerk am Autobahndreieck Erlenbruch” close to Frankfurt. With the installation of remote transmitting data loggers, mostly in groundwater measuring points, an independent groundwater monitoring can be realized with full area coverage. Data can be viewed by the client and the involved engineers via our web service SENSOweb.

Amt für Straßen und Verkehrswesen Frankfurt
For the Project:
Hessen Mobil - A 66 Riederwaldtunnel / A 661 Ostumgehung Frankfurt



Measurement system monitoring:

During the beginning of the project 2013, the first measurement points were equipped with data loggers. In 2017, the monitoring network was expanded with 45 additional measuring points. The data loggers incl. remote transmission are mostly used in

  • Groundwater surveillance, often times under floor measuring points and
  • Surface water surveillance

Additionally, weather stations were equipped.

All measurement points are organized by the web-service SENSOweb:

  • Hourly monitoring and logging of measured data
  • Daily remote transmission  to the web-platform SENSOweb
  • Daily status updates for the project managers
  • Download option of all data for the engineers in charge