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Gold and Copper Mining in the Bromide Basin/USA


UIT is collaborating with Prolific Mining in Utah/USA since early 2016. Main objective of the current project in the Bromide Basin is the development of an economic polymetallic mine. The prospect bears the potential of being a new Bingham Canyon deposit, another giant porphyry copper mine. The current metallurgical test work focuses on the epithermal zone of the deposit, mainly bearing Cu, Au and Ag vein mineralization. The 2017 test program resulted in extraordinarily good recoveries and concentrate grades for the payable elements. UIT and partners were able to produce a saleable Cu concentrate of 24 wt% Cu by sulphide flotation. A 90% recovery of Au from the gravity concentrate by iodine-iodide was already reached without any optimization and is currently further investigated.
The 2018 test work will focus on core samples from deep drilling within the porphyry zone in order to develop an adequate process flow diagram for the future mill. Aside the standard payable element suite of Cu, Au and Ag, other high-revenue elements will also be considered as by-products.