Removal of Naturally Occuring Radioactive Material

The separation technology of NORM (e.g. thorium, uranium and their radioactive progenies) from mineral ore has become a key risk in the mineral processing industry worldwide. Without state-of-the-art and approved NORM extraction from the ore, the investment into the exploration project is at risk.

Our specialists have strong operation backgrounds, having advanced many NORM separation projects from metallurgical sample identification, test work program development, data analysis, process flowsheet design and engineering studies. UIT‘s NORM separation consultants work in a team of internationally recognized specialists (e.g.  AEA – International Atomic Energy Agency, National Radiation Protection Authorities) to meet radiologic regulations and recommendations, and public demands.

We work to provide value-added economic-sensitive recommendations and results to clients, and have the tools and experience to maximize economic return to your project. With the increased demand for radiologically experienced technical operating personnel, we can fill the role of senior technical advisors to provide support and mentoring as needed to your operations and personnel. Our specialists are up to date with modern sustainable NORM separation technologies.