Lab-Transfer-Modul - mass balanced analysis

The Lab-Transfer Module is designed to prepare the original groundwater sample (collected by GW shuttle at in-situ pressure conditions) for the analytical measurements in the lab. The gaseous phase is separated from the liquid-solid phase by controlled de-pressurization, resulting in partial samples for analytics. The sample preparation is monitored by the measurement of physico-chemical parameters.

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  • Lab-Transfer-Module:
    • Closed, pressure-resistant container
    • Sensorics for the determination of sample parameters during of controlled de-pressurization and for the quantification of generated gas volumes
  • Lab analysis of the separated gaseous and liquid-solid samples
  • Model-based mass balance


  • Analysis and quantification of dissolved gases and volatile organic compounds
  • Analysis of groundwater sample by considering the changed phase equilibrium under ambient (lab) conditions, in particular meeting mass balance completely
  • Representative groundwater analytics, in particular in the case of large contaminations