Membrane Pump – Injection Pump

The membrane pump, applicable for gentle and depth-oriented sampling can be used for both, stationary and mobile groundwater sampling. It can also be utilized stationary, directly in the clogging zone of rivers.

The pneumatically operated injector pump can be used for the purification of groundwater observation wells.

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Membrane pump:

  • Membrane pump
  • Hose system
  • Pump control unit

Injection pump:

  • Injection pump
  • Grundfos® MP1 linkage
  • Compressed air hose/compressor


Membrane pump:

  • Gentle groundwater sampling
  • No cross-contamination when stationary used

Injection pump:

  • Without moving parts - operated by compressed air
  • Directly screwable in the Grundfos® MP1 linkage
  Injector pump / Mammoth pump
Application areas
Purging of groundwater observation wells using a compressed air source. Mammoth pumps are preferably used for the extraction of sediment (solids) laden waters.
Ratio submersion depth to delivery head Ratio of submersion depth to delivery head should not be less than 1 : 1. Otherwise functioning of the pump is not guaranteed.
Maximum application depth 60 meters
Dimensions Diameter: 42 mm, length: 350 mm
Materials with media contact Stainless steel + linkage material and PVC hose,
linkage material and PVC hose are options.
Connection 1: Water pumping
Suitable for screwing in the PVC Grundfos MP1 linkage
Connection 2: Compressed air supply
Suitable for screwing in the PVC fabric hose
Inner width 6 mm, outer diameter 12 mm
  Membrane pump
Application areas
Stationary or mobile applications for gentle groundwater sampling
Extraction volume
Approx. 1 liter per diaphragm lifting
Submersion depth The membrane pump has to be submerged at least 1 meter below the water surface for flooding the interior of the pump
Maximum application depth
60 meters
Dimensions Diameter: 64 mm; length: 760 mm
Materials with media contact PVC; EPDM; PA; stainless steel; PUR
Abmessungen PVC; EPDM; PA; Edelstahl; PUR
Connection 1: Compressed air hose, outer diameter 6 mm
Connection 2:
Water hose outer diameter AD 6 mm

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